Electrical Testing, Electrical Maintenance, Arc Flash, Electrical Engineering

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electrical testing

Electrical Testing

Solaris Power Services is a provider of electrical support services to industrial, commercial and institutional businesses.
arc flash testing

Arc Flash

Solaris Power Services provides for all facets of arc flash solutions.
substation maintenance

Substation Maintenance

Our onsite electrical maintenance performs scheduled and unscheduled (emergency) substation maintenance.

POWER SOLUTIONS: Building Reliability into Your Systems

Solaris Power Services is a provider of electrical support services to the commercial, industrial, institutional and utility businesses. Solaris provides electrical industry professionals for Substation Maintenance, Training, Engineering and a Full Service Repair Facility.

Transformer Testing serves as an indication of the extent to which a transformer is able to comply with specified requirements.

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Main & Feeder Breakers

Maintain, Retrofit, Overhaul, Replace, Testing, Cleaning, Calibration

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Cable Coating
cable coating

Solaris has developed a proprietary process to repair and extend the life of medium voltage cables

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Partial Discharge
partial discharge testing

Partial discharges are small electrical sparks that occur within the electric insulation of switchgear, cables, transformers, and windings in large motors and generators.

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